eMoyeni Digital Storytelling 2021

⚠️ Are you a Zimbabwean CONTENT CREATOR, between the ages of 18 – 35?

❓Are you looking to expand your digital skills, penetrate new markets, collaborate with Brands & fellow content creators from the Continent & beyond?

If YES‼️ APPLY by 18 April 2021 to be a Part of #eMoyeniDig masterclasses and digital festival 2021 (facilitated by some of the Prominent Regional & Global Content Creators)

🚹 EG: Blogger, Tik Toker, Facebooker, Vlogger, Youtuber, Animator, Podcaster, Videographer, Instagrammer etc

⚠️ APPLY NOW 🔴 www.paperbagafrica.co.zw/eMoyeniDig

ℹ️ For More Info: 📧paperbagafrica@gmail.com ☎️ WhatsApp: ‪+263714953465


eMoyeni is a Digital Storytelling project that will bring together 10 young Zimbabwean content creators between the ages of 18 – 35, to partake in new media and digital masterclasses facilitated by some of the regional and continental prominent digital content creators. 

The project aims to transfer knowledge and skills through these sessions, allowing the young and talented content creators to find better ways of telling their authentic stories using the digital space, collaborate and monetise their platforms. The project is a collaboration between British Council Zimbabwe and Paper Bag Africa, supported by Amakhosikazi Media and Ceca Lifestyle.

We are encouraging all young people from all walks of life, especially young ladies, to apply for this project which will run from April – September 2021. Basically, we will have online masterclasses from different facilitators such as Nontando Mposo, the Editor-In-Chief for Glamour Magazine SA, Busi Bhebhe, the founder of Amakhosikazi Media, Dana Segal, an International Fundraising and Management Consultant from the UK, who has been running successful projects during this Pandemic and has been helping a lot of digital content creators to fundraise, link with brands and monetise their platforms. This is a good opportunity for content creators to gain new skills and approaches to their work, especially in a time like now where almost everything is going digital”- expresses Gilmore Tee (Paper Bag Africa)

7 young female and 3 young male talented and skilled content creators, will be selected based on their medium of communication and interest in the creative industries (thus using blogging, podcasting, instalive, facebook live, vlogging, twitterviews, animation, etc, to telling their stories in fashion, sports, entrepreneurship, film, beauty, and other areas. 

Additionally, 5 already practicing players, will be involved as mentors to the 10 participants, through a peer to peer engagement throughout the project. For example, a representative from Urban Culxure (Social Media & Blogging), MUD Journal (Audio-Visual & Documentary), EarGround (Facebook & Insta Lives), Chatter Box (Podcasting & Radio), etc. Each will be assigned 2 participants, with whom they will create digital content that will be distributed on a fortnight basis as promotional/awareness material, building up to the Digital Storytelling Fest. 

With the information gained from the masterclasses, input sessions, and peer mentors, the 10 content creators will be tasked to create unique content using their mediums, which will later be presented over a 10-day digital storytelling festival in September. The end products will include audio and visual footage in the form of vlogs, podcasts, blogging, instalive, facebook lives, and twitterviews, amongst many other forms.

️ APPLY NOW 🔴 www.paperbagafrica.co.zw/eMoyeniDig